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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A fight for a good fight...that is Jihad..

Jihad, a word which often wrongly perceived
Jihad, when people heard of the word, they feel threatened of an idea they cant conceived
Jihad, for all what it really means is fight for a good fight

Taking care of your mother and father
Being there for your sister and brother
Keeping an eye, protect each other
from lurking danger
that's what we call a fight for a good fight
Daily struggle just to put food on the table
that is a fight for a good fight
carry out righteous deeds with all your might
that is a fight for a good fight

the smallest of things
you cant imagine the happiness it brings
when you constantly striving yourself in improving
that's Jihad, a fight for a good fight....

Hakcipta Terpelihara Rosita Arman Michael 2012

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