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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Let's change for the better..

People say that it's always hard to change
they'd rather drown in misery and cry in pain
don't you know that you will never get what you want
if you always turn around and run..

everyday and every nite you think about change
you don't know where to begin
yet Allah's signs are always showing
open up your heart your mind
and try to look a little deeper
coz when you want it you can be a winner

if you want to change your future
you better act right now
never look back
coz it's just human nature
in any cold hot weather
we'd rather be off-track

so start with simple steps
and gradually intensify it
coz when you want it
you can do it..

by Michael Rose 2013

copyright reserved Rosita Arman Michael 2013

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