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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Airlines Interviewers look for these 3 fundamental characteristics in a candidate.

Competition is fierce when it comes to Airlines Interviews. You are competing against hundreds of candidates. Interviewers will look for the following 3 fundamental characteristics in a candidate  :-
1. Silent Intelligence.
It is about how you present yourself. Did you know that it only takes 6 seconds for interviewers to decide whether they like you or not. Therefore, first impression is crucial. Be mindful of the way you look, your smile and your words. Your body language communicates a substantial 56% to the interviewers. They could tell if you are over confident, humble or sheer arrogant. That is what we call Silent Intelligence.
2. Managing answers well.
The ability to answer well does not mean you need to give the right answers. It is more about how you manage your answers. Interviewers want to know how do you react to their questions. This reaction in answering questions is a reflection of one of the fundamentals of cabin crew job and that is passenger handling. Passengers are total strangers to cabin crew and they can be very demanding at times. So how do you respond to their needs? How do you go about in making decisions and solving problems
Therefore, the ability to answer well is also an indication of having the ability to handle unexpected  situation.
3. Charisma
Are you natural or superficial?
Do you have the charisma to be a cabin crew?
Charisma simply means do you have an image that fits into what the profession wants? Or in short, do you have the look of a cabin crew.
Therefore, it is good if you have the 3 abovementioned characteristics in you which will increase your chances of nailing the interview.
Posted by M.Shah Bahari, Instructor of Crewnection.

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