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Monday, May 7, 2012

A wedding, a surprise and a hope

Last weekend I attended my cousin's wedding and it was a fun event. The not very fun part was that I had to be the bridesmaid and the appointment was only brought to my attention 2 hours before the 'bersanding' event.

so how do i look? i just  love the bright orange background ..
such a refreshing contrast of colours..
my cute little sister

tell me ..what should i do? just smile i guess..

I was so grateful for attending the wedding as I had the chance to meet my cousins (especially the Bride who looked lovely in green ), uncles and aunties. The food was good, the crowd was interesting and the 'pelamin' was beautiful, the 'persandingan' was brief yet full of joy and happiness.

The wedding was my cousin's;
The surprise was that I had to be the bridesmaid;
The hope refers to my future wedding (still waiting for my Mr.Right though ;) ), where there will definitely be a joyous event, good food, a few backdrops for photography sessions, and of course lovely bride and groom :)

However,  ' majlis persandingan' or a.k.a bride and groom on display session will be a BIG NO!, why? it clearly contradicts my belief and principles.

Till the next entry....adios!

posted by Rosita Arman Michael

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