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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

4 ways to be happy at work

Do you love your job?How many of us have the luxury of choosing the jobs of our desires?

Only the lucky ones!

But what about others who have to endure the boredom, loneliness and hatred in their jobs?

Smiling sun with sunglasses illustration - Stock VectorThe answer lies WITHIN US!

We need to change the way we look at things  in order to change our attitude towards our jobs.

Optimism Green Road Sign - Stock Photo
yeah right, easy said than done..duhhh
The followings are 4 ways that we can embrace in making ourselves happy at work!

1. Be GRATEFUL that you have a JOB!

You get to support yourself and your family with the current job! But of course, there is no harm if you're in a process of searching for a better opportunity. 

On and Off - Toggle Switch - Stock Photo


What is exactly your mission when you step out from the comfort of your home to your workplace everyday? The right intention will tell you what you will achieve at the end of each working day. For example, if your intention to work is just to survive the day, then you will only GET THROUGH the day. But if your intention is to do your job the best that that you can, you will GET SATISFACTION in return, perhaps new friends or new learning experience, who knows? So basically, when you go to work, you are actually sowing seeds of life learning experience. Those seeds will depend on your intention, seeds of happiness, seeds of misery, seeds of joy, seeds of hatred and the list goes on and on.

Do not think negative - Stock Photo3.  Be THE SOLUTION to your boredom, loneliness, sadness etc...
How to be your own solution? START Thinking positively! How to think positive?
By having a CALM heart. How to have a calm heart? By putting our whole trust and dependence on our Creator, The Lord of the Heavens and Earth Allah Subhanawataala. If you hate the job that you are doing, at least think about those who are depending on you at workplace. 

Good times ahead - Stock Photo

4. Put our HOPES and EXPECTATIONS in our Creator.

On My Way - Stock VectorSo, how to be happy?
We will never know for sure where to go, but a believer has a destination and every journey of a believer leads us back to the Creator of the Heavens and Earth. The only thing that we can do is DO and GIVE our best in whatever we do in this world and most of all, BE GRATEFUL of what we have, Praise the Lord of the Heavens and Earth...

By Michael Rose 2012

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