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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Six Thinking Hats- Decision Making Problem Solving Tool

Our college embraces the knowledge seeking culture and we are known as the Imperia Nation. In every general monthly meeting, staff are given the chance to share knowledge. I grabbed the opportunity by sharing with others on one of the famous decision making and problem solving tools known as Six Thinking Hats.

This tool entails the main element which is known as 'Parallel Thinking' and it was introduced by Edward DeBono way back in 1985.

What is Parallel thinking? It is when at any moment or point of time, everyone is looking at the same direction.

Why parallel thinking?
In meetings and discussions, people tend to have their own way of thinking and preference. Therefore this tool helps everyone to look at the same direction at one point of time.

So why the Six Colours?
The Six Colours of hats represents six types of thinking, also the hats tell directions of thinking.
Each hat can be taken off or put -on. The main point here is to think outside of our habitual thinking.
But remember, the hats do not represent categories of people, some might say 'he is a green hat thinker'. On the contrary, green represents the thinking style not the thinker. Also, it is a constructive form of showing off better way of thinking.

The Six Colour Hats (A Snapshot)

 Blue:control & organization of thinking
White: objective facts & figures
Red: emotions & feelings
Yellow: hope, positive & speculative
Green: creativity, ideas & lateral thinking
Black: cautious & careful

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