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Monday, July 25, 2016

5 Signs that He is The One

#1 You feel calm when you talk to him or look at him.

The first look can be deceiving, sometimes instant attraction does not equal to love. It is more like an infatuation. It is crucial to be able to identify if it starts with 'like' which can lead to love. You are infatuated if you feel crazily attracted at first sight and you find the attraction slowly diminishes over time.

He is the one when you find yourself at ease whenever you talk to him or look at him. But of course the feelings has to be mutual.

#2 He respects you.

He takes care of your feelings and aware of the things that he can or cannot say. He is brutally honest  yet polite to you.He respects your family and your friends too.

 #3 Both of you share the same values.

 A successful relationship has to start with having embrace the same values. A respectable woman is for a respectable man and vice versa. If family is your priority, then it is more likely you will be attracted to a man who prioritises the same.


#4  Both of your parents agree on your relationship.

Your parents give their blessings to you and the guy that you are eyeing or going to marry and vice versa. Why is this important? Yes, it does not mean that you will not face problems in the future, but it will assist both of you to get through the problems together well.

#5  He wants you to be his full-time companion a.k.a wife.

He knows that he is into you by asking your hand in marriage. How on earth can a man show that he respects you if it is not by asking you to marry him? He expresses his seriousness and is ready to take the responsibility.

When a man wants to love you responsibly, he is the One.

  Remember, love comes in a package and it consists of....

The agreement of two hearts
The Oneness of mission
The Compatible Personalities
The Decisiveness of both parties...

Then you have found the One....

Alhamdulillah  All Praise is to Allah...

Copyright by Michael Rose 2016

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