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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Swith on the right intend, then focus and finally excel!

Took this pic with my new camera, i'm lovin it

Life is just like being in the container filled with coloured balls in the above picture. We will encounter different colours with different patterns throughout our lives. 

What's important is how we face and react to situation and people around us. 

Today's topic is to explore the meaning of 'What you focus expands, so focus on what you want'.

True, we don't always get what we want , but we do get what we want if we spend time long enough to see the desired results to come to picture. It's just like planting seeds, we need to water it and wait patiently. The rest is in Allah's  (The Lord of the Worlds) hands. The key ingredient here is FOCUS, be it in our work, relationships and studies.

At work, we always complaint about not being treated the way we should be treated. Also, we tend to hate and despise the people and our surroundings. We drag ourselves to work thinking on how to just to survive the day. We carry out idle talks, gossiping and whining, looking at other people's mistakes and flaws. Again, at work we focus on others instead of FOCUSING on our tasks and responsibilities. 

My work by nature requires me to do a lot of thinking, contemplating, observing and analysing. That's what  Lecturers do, filling up our heads with information and knowledge to be transferred to students. We Lecturers have to think 15 steps ahead in order to equipped ourselves, (it's funny when one of the Human Resource Personnel was curious and asked me why I do not mingle around with others and always keep to myself most of the time).  Don't get me wrong, I am not an anti-social person, in fact I am a strong Sanguine and Choleric in nature (remember 4 temperaments?) I do mingle around, I chat and spend some time with students. My students are all intelligent people and I love them.

Everyday I  FOCUS on my lectures and constantly reminding myself on my MISSION and VISION while carrying out my work. Yes, I do face challenges and some small issues as I am currently teaching 2 new subjects. However, I manage to carry out my work although it is moving quite slowly, yet it moves. 

My point is to give ourselves a chance to FOCUS and see how things move, wait a little bit longer and put our trust in Allah The Lord of the Worlds.

Just like when we blow balloons, it needs the right amount of air to be blown in order for it to bloat the right size. We human beings tend to give up easily when things do not come our way. Have you ever met those who love to start new things enthusiastically just to stop half way when their interest faded? I am sure we have, even we ourselves do the same sometimes right?

In relationships, nowadays we see that people changing life partners, boyfriends and girlfriends easily. Divorce rates are on the rise, not only in Malaysia, but it is a global epidemic.

Why is it so? Those in relationships tend to focus on faults of others. Instead, they should FOCUS on how to work things out. You might think I am being an idealist instead of realist.  It has become a norm and widely accepted that when there is a problem, the easiest way out for those in relationships is to breakup, or running away like cowards, broadcasting to the whole world that they have become victims, whining and crying, embracing self-pity lifestyle. Sad isn't it?

Believe me, I have seen and met these kind of people, they think the whole world is against them.  

Yes, any relationship can be mended or fixed if we FOCUS long enough to find ways to solve problems. A person with  pure heart and intentions sees problems as opportunities to polish a relationship so that it can be shinier and makes the love stronger.

How to make things work if you yourself are unsure and confused? Easy. Ask ALLAH, He will give you the answers. Don't expect immediate answers, wait for a while and slowly yet surely the answers will come and you will know it. You just know it.

In studies, we tend to complaint too much. Not enough time to complete our assignments when what we do most of the time is spending idle talks in social networks, stalking others, reading narcissistic self-proclaimed incredible people, self-proclaimed angels and devils and hardcore whiners and complainers status. Thanks to Allah, I have liberated myself by shutting my fb totally, freedom at last. Free from reading whiners and complainers status who are disappointed with their lives and yet not doing anything about it. Believe me, whiners and complainers will remain in the same exact situation even in 15 years from now.

Back to focus on studies, students normally focus on how to get good marks without putting any effort. Perhaps you will disagree, but this is based on my observation and experience. Let's say in two days is the dateline to submission of assignments, students will start doing it today. They will crazily find information just to copy and paste it in their assignments.  A Lecturer spots or identifies 'copied and pasted assignment works' just like a chameleon spots a dangerous situation and changes its colour immediately. 

FOCUS should be on the process of carrying out the assignment. A good assignment does not lie in the hundreds of information gathered and typed, but rather in the arrangements and making some meaning out of it.

Students should find meaning in attending lectures and tutorials. Most of the time, they tend to drag themselves as though being forced . However, I am lucky as my students are not of those type of people. They seem to enjoy my classes ( I would want to believe that..smiling).

My point is no matter where we study or who we mingle around with, the most important thing is to know on what to focus on. Once we know our focus, we will be able to prioritise. As simple as that.

So, be it in relationships, work or studies, if we FOCUS on the right things and long enough, there is a guarantee that we will reap benefits rather than asking ourselves 'what ifs' when we stop or giving-up too soon. That's what it means by 'What you focus on expands, so focus on what you want'.

You might agree or disagree, but my main intention is to share and remind everyone including myself that what we focus will lead us somewhere, In Sha Allah a better place.

Remember : if you are somewhere, you are everywhere, but if you are everywhere, you are nowhere-Rumi.

Hakmilik Terpelihara Rosita Arman Michael 2012.


  1. Hi missy,

    My mum shared almost the same thing with me few days back. Although I already knew it by heart but sometimes it's good to have reminder of this. As human, we tend to forget what we have learnt even after we achieved it several times before...

    Reading your blog makes me smile. If others will read it and install it into their life, then there will be less complain and more happiness...

    I wish there is a special class in college that will encourage people on how to motivate themselves to focus on what they are doing in life regardless to study / working / playing. Sometimes, it's so difficult for them to understand that their life can be changed if they really and honestly want to change themselves by putting on a better attitude to improve their lifestyle and achieve their goals.


  2. agreed. btw thanks for the compliment. i just write from the heart..