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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Teacher's Day @ Imperia Insitute of Technology

We also had Teacher's day. How to describe it? Happy, fun, crazy, funny and cheeky!

On that day, I performed a number titled L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole, but it was without music, just myself singing from the top of my lungs.

It started out with a brief speech by the President of Student Council, Mr Chong Ching Hua. It was a heartfelt speech dedicated to the teachers. Thanks Mr. President!

Imperia Nation

In the above picture, I am standing beside the President himself. He and his fellow committee members has done a splendid job!


in the hall...while waiting for the event to commence..

John and Michelle busy putting make-up on Mr. Saiful's face...poor guy...huhu

let's throw the balloons!!! with committee members of the student council, they have carried out quite an effort!
flowers from my students..

 The students were so thoughtful, I received gifts of chocolates and flowers. Really appreciate it!

beautiful notes from the heart..
chocs of love...


I was voted for the 'Most Beautiful Teacher in Imperia'. Never in my wildest dream I would get such an award. I still couldn't believe it!!! Anyways, thanks for voting for me!!!

such a peculiar award for a teacher...heheheh

I would like to congratulate the Student Council of Imperia Institute of Technology for the success of making Teacher's Day a reality! Superb and job well done!

by Michael Rose 2012

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