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Monday, August 6, 2012

Ramadhan my love..

It has been more than 2 weeks since we started the journey of embracing the fasting ibadah of this beautiful month of Ramadhan.

For those who sincerely performing the ibadah of fasting will definitely ignite the days and nights of Ramadhan with  additional spiritual activities. Amongst others reciting the Quran on top of performing the 5 daily prayers. Throughout the nights of Ramadhan, one will not miss the opportunity in gaining the utmost spiritual satisfaction by praising and worshiping Allah, The Creator of Heavens and Earth by performing Salah Sunat such as Terawih, Istiqarah, Hajat, Taubat prayers.

Just the other day, one of my colleagues also a good friend of mine who is a non-Muslim made an assumption and stated that I might be feeling very happy as Ramadhan is nearing its end.   There was nothing wrong with that assumption, however it did receive a prompt reply from me which left him in awe.

My respond was ' On the contrary, I feel very sad as it is nearing its end, this is because Ramadhan presents  this distinctive feeling and aura which cannot be found in any other month.

It brings this indescribable feeling and joy which can only be enjoyed by those who love Ramadhan. The ibadah of fasting is very enriching, rejuvenating and spiritually satisfying'.

So my fellow brothers and sisters in Islam, don't we all feel the same? We love Ramadhan as it gives us joy, it brings togetherness with family and most of all the feeling of nearness to Allah.

Everyday, we strive to be the best Muslims we could be and our aim is to seek Allah's forgiveness, blessings and assistance. Therefore, the fasting month is one of the ways in attaining those beautiful needs.

Let's love our Ramadhan and receive more love from Allah The Creator of Heavens and Earth...

by Michael Rose 2012

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