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Monday, November 15, 2010

how to make a thinker to talk and a talker to think?

so which category are u? a talker or a thinker?

there is no specific nor universal definition on those two, thinker and talker. however, let us presume that a thinker is someone who thinks before he or she talks, a thinker thinks and explores an issue or a matter deeper, in short he or she plans what to say, how to say it and when to say it.

whereas a talker talks...explores an issue or a matter while talking about it, gets idea and concept while talking and do more talking. im not judging saying that a thinker is better and a talker is not, but what im saying is that being just a thinker or a talker does not expand one's horizons or experience, being both is  the best....but how do we make a thinker to talk and a talker to think?

it is important to make a talker to think and a thinker to talk as we are dealing with all types of persona in workplace, education institutions, our colleagues, our friends and etc....therefore it is important especially to leaders and educators in knowing how to  crack those who have good ideas or judgements but choose to keep it inside their heads and keep those who talk too much to shut up and think about certain matters and think about it and come up with the necessary answers or ideas......confused?

i'm sure that we are facing problems with those who seem to know everything about the world by talking too much and at the same time refuse to listen, and also those who are actually knowledgable but prefer to stay the followings are some of the possible ways in making a thinker to talk and a talker to think:-

1. Sing a song to a thinker.....motivate them to sing, then they will sing along and just ask them what they think about certain issues or matter....' im sure you have a good idea and im sure that it will be a success once we implement your idea...' (^^;)

2. when a talker couldnt stop talking on certain matter, surprise them with a shocking expression or a statement....for example ask them to 'hush!.....they will immediately stop talking and then you can ask them...'so what do you think the right way to solve this problem other than you blabbering about the world?

so, you probably think that the abovementioned ideas are too crazy and inappropriate...however, give it a try sometime and you'll know what im talking about...heheheheeh...

personally i prefer to be a thinking talker....a talker who thinks...then i get the best of both worlds...a thinker who talks and a talker who what say you?

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