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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

how to make your heart to be returned to you?

Often, we thought that our hearts belong to us...on the contrary, the hearts often no where to be seen and no where to be felt. This is because we are too busy doing and focusing on the worldly things, baseless worries, thingking about the unseen future, unknown destiny and fate and so forth.

The absense of the heart makes us wander and wonder. Nothing seems to be enough, nothing seems to be just and certain, nothing seems to be serene and feeling as though we're carrying a burden as big as a mountain.

When we failed to get our hearts return to us, the followings ailments will come to us:-
1.  'Ujub' or in other words constantly comparing oneself with one another; feeling superior than others; who has the most wealth, the most beautiful, the biggest house, the most expensive cars, the most intelligent, the most savings, extravagant wedding events, the highest qualifications,  and all of the other acts of ensuring that everything they have should be more and more and more...

2. 'Riak'-  this is when a person does good deeds for everything else, except for ALLAH. It entails the
type of sin which is not visible to the open world, only one knows the motive and mission in doing what one is doing.

3. 'Takbur'- Arrogance; a catastrophic thing which could happen to a person. This is a sin where it makes everything good that a person has done gone kills respect, it shatters relationship between our brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity.....masyAllah..

why we failed to get back our hearts?
The simplest answer would be; the hearts belong to ALLAH, and the hearts are the seat of our affections, and false dealing taints our affections; therefore give rise to the ailments mentioned above.

So, how to make your heart to be returned to you?

1. Pause  and reflect, think of what do we want in this world; to seek Allah's forgiveness and to be a good Muslim and human being everyday, also ask yourselves why are we here; to be 'Khalifah' of Allah, we are here for a reason and that is to bring joy and peace to the world and to prepare and equip ourselves with good deeds for the next destination of our journey..the hereafter...because all journey ends with Allah...

2. Think positive thoughts, you will attract positive energy and hence, higher hopes for Allah's blessings and intense love felt from The Lord of the Heavens and Earth.

3. Cling to Allah ensures happiness; when we are sad or feeling terribly down, we turn to Allah and spill our hearts out, Allah responds by giving us a feeling of serenity and peace, only with Alllah the heart finds peace..

4. Contemplate and be grateful- a person will be grateful if he or she is constantly aware of the bundles of gifts given by The Giver.

To make or to bring our hearts returned to us itself is a struggle, a beautiful and wholesome struggle.

I would like to remind you and especially myself in constantly striving to be good Muslims and good human beings every minute, every hour, everyday; yes it would not be easy but it is not difficult either... InsyAllah..


Hakcipta Terpeliha Rosita Arman Michael 2011

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