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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Live life Al-Quran..

I love reading the translations and commentaries of Al-Quran by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. The beauty of the meaning of each and every word of the Quran makes me in awe every time I read it. Of course I haven't have the luxury of exploring each and every word as I am so attached to the worldly activities. But, I normally allocate time, even if it means only 5 minutes a day.

There is this well-intentioned non-muslim writer who took the effort in carrying out  a research in reading the Holy Quran, if I am not mistaken she is in the midst of writing her new book on the biography of Muhammad. I am amazed by the way she explained on some of the aspects of Al-Quran. She was talking about how the Holy Quran is not just a book where anyone can read while munching away with a packet of popcorn on a beautiful afternoon.

The writer said that ' the Arabic language in Al-Quran is incantatory almost hypnotic quality that begs to be heard rather than read, felt more than analysed and it wants to be chanted out loud'. She mentioned that she is just a tourist looking from outside of Islam and by reading she gets a glimpse of the world's most- read book, the Holy Quran. While giving the talk, the lady spoke eloquently with an array of vocabularies, her style of presentation was so lovely as though she was narrating a very beautiful tale. She further mentioned that 1/3 of the contents of The Quran reprises the stories of biblical figures like Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Mary and Jesus.

I said to myself while watching the video where I stumbled upon on youtube, if only the writer understood the feeling of reciting it in Arabic, if only she knew how intoxicated those beautiful words in the Holy Quran can be and what it can do to her brain which stimulates every cell and eventually she could feel as though she is in love with the Author of the Holy Quran, Allah Subhanawataala. I do pray that the love of Allah Subhanawataala reaches the very depth of her heart someday, InsyAllah..

I also said to myself if only we Muslims could  see the Holy Quran like she sees it, the majority of us are merely reciters of Quran. We would just memorise and recite Al-Quran everyday in our daily prayers but in reality, not all of us really understand the actual meaning. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) lived life with Al-Quran, whenever he was sad, or when he was angry about something, Allah sent him answers in the form of beautiful ayahs to calm The Prophet or to give advise.

I have a confession to make, I have yet read the Quran thoroughly . At the moment  I am still doing my very best in reciting and understanding it word by word. But one thing I know is that Al-Quran is our 'Manual of life'. Being a Muslim is actually a journey itself and I truly believe that having a religion is to experience it. I am so grateful that I have Allah by my side and Al-Quran as my best friend.

By holding tight to Al-Quran, we strive our best in applying the teaching of Al-Quran into our daily lives.

There are so many people out there who do know the reason for their existence.Nobody knows why, what, how and where they are in this world. BUT We Muslims have the privilege in knowing why  we are here in this world, where are we moving towards and our final destination, what should we do in this world, how to do it and to whom we should serve, the answers to these questions can be found in the Holy Quran! Glory to Allah!

It is just natural when we are afflicted with calamities or hardships, we seek help from beings first, rather than running to Allah by reading His words in the Holy Quran.

The real remedy for the heart, mind and soul is the Holy Quran. When we recite it, understanding every word is actually the real medicine which heals every heartache, kills sorrow and pain.

The Holy Quran provides us with our daily dosage of hope, patience and steadfastness. I pray that more and more Muslims out there read the Quran often and at the same time, putting more effort in understanding and applying it to their daily lives. Let's create a culture where Al-Quran a day, keeps the doctor away....Ameen...

note: I apologise if there is any mistake in my writings, I am only human. 

written by Michael Rose 2012