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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What is the KEY to happiness?

The key is.... be GRATEFUL!

My fellow friends,
Being grateful, we tend to forget 
Often, we need to be reminded to be one..
Often, we tend to absorb negativity and deprive ourselves from having fun
Whining, complaining and sulking
We let ourselves dwell in hatred, frustration and devastation
We fail to see the love, empathy, compassion and passion.. 

Let's be grateful
key to happiness: BE GRATEFUL!!
Anytime, anywhere and remind everyone..
If you could breath, move, run, jump and walk..
If you have money in your pocket and friends to talk..
If you have your loved ones with you and your health
Be sure that those are the true treasures of wealth....

Be Grateful to the One Creator who has given you so much....

Thank you Allah, The Creator of the Heavens and Earth...

written by Michael Rose 2012

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