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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let's be beautiful..

People say Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder. There are various definitions of beauty and what makes a beautiful person. Since this is my post, I am entitled to my own opinion and my definition of  a beautiful person encompasses the followings:

  • pleasant to look at
  • pleasant to talk to
  • pleasant to be with

But, the main question here is HOW TO BE BEAUTIFUL?

You need to have the following internal attributes first ( from within you)

1. God-conscious person
    - refrain oneself from wrongdoings and strives doing good deeds which brings joy and happiness.

2. A heart filled with love
    -  a tranquil heart stems from a heart filled with love.
    -  Love oneself (a healthy love of oneself, not a narcissist), family and friends, environment, living things  and nature

Thus, a person's external attributes stem from the internal attributes. Everything that is being broadcasted  is manifested in every action, utterance of words, body language and gestures, appearance, personality even clothing choice. All of these tell a tale on a person's internal state, be it mind or heart.

Don't believe me? Have you ever met someone who has nothing to be proud of other than just a plain good-looks or a pretty face?

I told you so.

Therefore, being beautiful requires a whole package, and the package consists of the followings:-

The way we think
The way we see things
The way we dress
The way say things
The way we do things
The way we treat people.

A beautiful face is just a bonus, for everything else is required to form a beautiful Person.

So come and join me..

Let's be Beautiful....

Copyright Rosita Arman Michael 2012

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