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Friday, April 27, 2012

Occupational Safety and Health Seminar at NIOSH

Yesterday, myself and my fellow Lecturers attended a seminar in promoting Safety and Health in a Green Economy at NIOSH Bangi. This was in conjunction with World Safety and Health Day.

myself and my good friend Bavani..
Myself Ms. Rosita, Ms Bavani, Ms. Aisyah, Ms. Nadzirah, Ms Carmen and Ms.Faizah were the lecturers who took part in the seminar felt that it is of paramount importance for us to equipped ourselves with the right knowledge and information with regards to safety and health and its impact in a green economy.

nice banner..

say kejuuuu...
Myself and the cute Ms. Nadz
the team of lecturers..

love these balloons...

The seminar started out with a presentation by a speaker from Thailand amongst others entails the following:-

1. Safety and Health initiatives in Thailand
2. The importance of creating awareness on safety and health in a green economy
3. The importance of managing Occupational Safety and Health accordingly.
3. Introduction on Green Industry.

Followed by a brief introductory talk by Y.B Dr. Lee Lam Thye.

The best presentation was by a speaker from SIRIM who explained about the need for us to go for greener industry and subsequently greener economy. I just loved the way the speaker talks, she has the flare and the right tone in engaging the audience to the message that she was trying to convey. She started out on how in order to embrace a green economy, we need to start from the design stage of any manufacturing activity to the completion or the production of output to the end users or in other words the whole process needs to include green elements. (do not get me wrong, it is not literally the colour green :))  

Green Economy can be defined as  follows:-
An economy that results in improved human well- being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.

Aside from the informative presentations, the food was good and overall, I had fun and gained valuable knowledge from the seminar. 


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